Photos: Getting to Know Royal Flush Girl Tugba Ercan

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Recently, we got a chance to catch up with Royal Flush Girl Tugba Ercan and find out what makes her tick, some of her favorite things and what it’s like being one of the Royal Flush Girls. Below is the Q&A session with Tugba with some photos at the bottom from a photo shoot during WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic at Bellagio.

After being chosen as a Royal Flush Girl, how did you celebrate?
First I shared the news on Facebook and Twitter…It was awesome seeing everyone’s reaction and support. After returning home, I went out to dinner and drinks with my Miami crew, then did the same with my Fort Lauderdale crew ☺. Everyone wanted to hear about my new adventure. Felt so great!!!

How many years have you been modeling?
Full time for the past 7 years. I’ve always loved being in front of the camera.

Do you have any hidden talents?
Hmmm, not sure. Think they’re well hidden. ☺

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Nutella crepes!

Who’s your celebrity crush?
Paul Walker and Tarkan (Turkish singer).

Alive or dead, you most want to hit the town with ____?
Ellen DeGeneres. I love her and want to sit in her red chair on TV someday. ☺

Do you sing in the shower?
At times, just whatever tune is stuck in my head.

Favorite ice cream flavor?
Don’t really have a sweet tooth, and can’t say I eat ice cream often…But I do enjoy Café Mocha and Vanilla Bean.

Compared to the other Royal Flush Girls, how’s your poker game?
Um, I say, sucky. Lol. I have a lot to learn…

Poker players can be very superstitious — Are you?
Not sure about supersititious, but I am definitely very intuitive.

What is your favorite movie?
This is a tough one. Too many to list. First one that comes to my mind is “Second Hand Lions.”

Most played song on your iTunes?
’03 Bonnie & Clyde – oldie but a goodie. Also Make Me Proud by Drake – love that song.

When not hanging out at the Royal Flush Girls Social Bar, you enjoy ____?
Jogging, going to the movies, gathering with friends, and spending time with my puppie Maya (though she’s 14).

Tugba was born in Turkey and moved to Florida as a teenager and currently lives in Ft. Lauderdale. So, you will definitely be able to catch her in person at the upcoming WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown in Hollywood, Florida, and at WPT Jacksonville BestBet Open in, well, Jacksonville, Florida. Tugba is thrilled to be able to show her fellow Royal Flush Girls around her home state, and can’t wait to dance it up at the Player Parties.

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